Back to Basics: Finding Wholehearted Ways to Wellness


Back to Basics: Finding Wholehearted Ways to Wellness is a book meant to help people of all ages achieve health and wellness goals no matter their starting place. Wellness practitioner and Clarity Coach Dr. Jennifer Manlowe offers daily practices that empower others to find winning ways toward wellness.

This book grew out of conversations with multiple health professionals Dr. Manlowe worked with as a scholar at Harvard School of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Brown University School of Medicine and most profoundly, by working with clients eager to find freedom from unhealthy habits since 1985.

Manlowe explores diverse topics including exercise, stress and conflict management, nutrition, caring for others, relations with familiar and unfamiliar people, having more fun “offline” and more. Through the pages that follow she offers specific exercise and wellness protocols tailored to each reader’s ability as well as the latest findings in alternative care regarding lifestyle goals.

If put into action, these insights will also help set “habit change” goals and motivate readers to make life-giving adjustments in all their relationships. Whether you’re wanting to jump-start a wellness program, prevent a long list of diseases or look for great options to transform a health challenge, choosing to practice wholehearted wellness is a great choice for all!

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