Loving Life As It Is: One Breath At A Time

Loving Life Life As It Is is a resource for “believing” and “non-believing” friends and loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. In order to offer an agnostic understanding of “recovery,” Dr. Manlowe weaves together the best philosophy of the Twelve Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous with her favorite meditation exercises and aphorisms from world philosophers.

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    “We are especially fortunate to have Dr. Jennifer Manlowe with us on our journey in becoming more whole, compassionate people for both ourselves and others. In candidly sharing her own experiences, such as she expresses in Loving Life As It Is, her words inspire us to create positive changes in our lives and our worlds. Manlowe’s brilliance and sheer breadth of knowledge could easily overwhelm or condescend. Rather, she approaches what may be the unfamiliar concept or theory with great humility. With loving personal warmth and humor and an unusual eye toward living life practically, she leaves the reader feeling as though they have been honored with a personal treasure. And they have. Her literature is on my bookshelf next to those feminist authors I read and re-read for their grounding wisdom. Manlowe’s is a uniquely moving and focused voice that women, and men, urgently need, particularly in these uncertain times.” ~ Sue Di Paola, M.S.C., J.D.

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