My Educational Background…

My Educational Background…


LMFT THERAPIST • NW Family Psychology • 2021 – present
Working with families, couples, and individuals to resolve challenges.
LMFTA “ASSOCIATE” • MCS Counseling •2020 – 2021
Working with couples and individuals in some form of transition.
CLINICAL INTERN • Newport Health Treatment Center • 2019 – 2020
Working with teens and their families to resolve relational challenges.
CLINICAL INTERN • Bainbridge Youth Services • 2018 – 2019
Working with teens and their parents to resolve relational challenges.
LIFE CLARITY CONSULTANT • EmboldenU • 2006 – present
Guiding teens and adults to uncover life purpose and ignite creative clarity.


MFT • 2020 • Northcentral University
Marriage and Family Therapy

PhD • 1993 • Drew University
Psychology and Religion (non-clinical degree)

MDIV • 1988 • Princeton Theological Seminary
Religion and Psychology

BA • 1985 • University of Washington
Behavioral Psychology


– Mentor/Adjunct Spiritual Director at Seattle University, Seattle, WA
– Adjunct Faculty/Advisor to adults in college seeking to complete their bachelor’s
degree at Brown U., Harvard U., Long Island U., and U. West Georgia
– Counselor and Educator, Wyatt Detention Center, Central Falls, MA
– Counselor to women living with HIV/AIDS in Providence, RI
– Counselor to women fleeing domestic/sexual violence, New Brunswick, NJ


– EMDR Treatment Certified

– Treating Complex Trauma with Internal Family Systems (IFS)

– Suicide Prevention Trained

– HIV/AIDS Prevention Certified

– Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trained

– CPR Certified

– Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) Certified

– Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping (EFT) Certified

– Executive Coaching Certified, Accomplishment Coaching 

– Voice Dialogue Facilitator Trained

– Vocational Consultant, Changing Course






Sound View: 365 Writing Prompts to Change Your Outlook on Life – Many of the world’s traditions promote cultivating a “sound view” – an unfettered way of seeing unencumbered by grasping or rejection. This unique journal invites you to cultivate a “sound view” in a daily, experiential way. You’ll be inspired to reflect and write briefly – just a few paragraphs a day – as a way to start or end each day. Through cultivating these recommended habits regularly, you will witness simple-even profound changes unfolding in your outlook on life.

Polishing The Mirror: 90-Days To Clarity – This insightful journal is an invitation to cultivate clarity for “what’s next” in your life. It will help you listen to that voice within you, the voice that will nudge you along toward your right work in the world, your vocation. “polishing the mirror” becomes code for cultivating calm, stilling your thoughts, dusting off social conditioning, and letting go of worry about the future. These helpful writing techniques and clever questions help you uncover your hidden passions, psychosocial temperament, and natural talents, which, in turn, give you an increasingly sharp focus for going forward. Give it 90-days-in-a-row and judge for yourself!

* AuthorizeU: Share Your Story with the World – AuthorizeU is not only the name of this book, it is an invitation for you to step up and share your story with the world. Each simple exercise you encounter will guide you to “go public” in ways that authorize you. As you begin sharing your voice with the world, (online or in print), you become an emboldened author who has the potential to empower her readers. When you share stories from your heart, you ignite the same generosity in others. As your courage expands, everybody wins.

* Faith Born of Seduction: Sexual Trauma, Body Image, and Religion – How do survivors of sexual and domestic violence relate to religion and to a higher power? What are the social and religious contexts that sustain and encourage eating disorders in women? How do these issues intersect? The relationship between Christian religious discourse, incest, and eating disorders reveals an important, and so far unexamined, psychosocial phenomenon. Drawing from interviews with incest survivors whose sexual and religious backgrounds are intimately connected with their problematic relationship with food, Dr. Jennifer Manlowe here illuminates the connections between the female body, weight, and appetite preoccupations.

* Loving Life As It Is: One Breath at a Time – Loving Life As It Is offers a resource for “believing” and “non-believing” friends and loved ones of alcoholics and addicts. In order to offer an agnostic understanding of “recovery,” Dr. Manlowe weaves together the best philosophy of the Twelve Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous with her favorite meditation exercises and aphorisms from world philosophers.

* Back to Basics: Finding Wholehearted Ways to Wellness – In Back to Basics, Dr. Jennifer Manlowe explores diverse topics including exercise, stress management, relations with familiar and unfamiliar people, nutrition, and more. Through the pages that follow she offers specific exercise and wellness protocols tailored to each reader’s need as well as the latest findings in alternative care regarding lifestyle goals. If put into action, this book will also help set habit change goals and motivate readers to make life-giving adjustments. Whether you’re looking to jump-start a wellness program or prevent a long list of diseases through lifestyle changes or you’re looking for a healthy option to help transform a health challenge, choosing to practice wholehearted wellness is a great choice for all of us!

* The Gender Politics of HIV/AIDS in Women – This edited volume fills crucial gaps in understanding the specific effects of HIV and AIDS on and in women’s lives. It takes as its starting point the premise that it is vitally important for researchers, teachers, health service providers, public policymakers, and community-based organizers to begin taking gender­ – especially as it intersects with race, class, and sexuality – into consideration as they work with HIV-infected women.