What Is Voice Dialogue and How Can It Help Me Find Clarity?

What Is Voice Dialogue and How Can It Help Me Find Clarity?

Freud’s student, psychologist Carl Jung, felt we have a multitude of selves living within us.  Hal and Sidra Stone were two psychologists who took his work even further and created something called Voice Dialogue.  In this work, people are encouraged to move beyond their primary selves and discover the many hidden or secondary parts held inside.  

These parts can also be referred to as inner voices, energetic boundaries, or inner selves. These “selves,” much like Jungian Archetypes, may include such characters as the Pleaser, the Knower, the Perfectionist, the Dreamer, the Responsible One, the Spiritual Seeker, the Critic, the Rebel, the Avoider, the Terrorist, and the Vulnerable Inner Child (to name a few).

Australian Voice Dialogue teacher Astra Niedra uses the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out to portray selves as emotions, such as Joy, Anger, and Sadness.

Inside Out Movie | Inner Selves, Emotions

Anger, Fear, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness, are “the selves” represented in Pixar’s INSIDE OUT

Niedra writes, “Each of us has a unique balance of selves, depending on cultural and family influences, genetic predisposition, birth order, and early life experiences.

“When we become aware of our inner selves and start to consciously use them in our lives rather than living on autopilot, our life changes. We develop the ability to make new and better choices and, as we change and grow, the world around us reflects that change.” 

Carl Jung, MD

Making conscious of each one of these voices through Voice Dialogue facilitation can lead to powerful insights that serve creative expression.

With facilitation, you’ll learn to bring compassionate awareness to those times when you feel stopped creatively or in relationships. Often, just identifying these Selves can bring greater depth and lucidity to your life and artistic expression.

Learn more about how Voice Dialogue facilitation works to help you break out from feeling stuck or at war with yourself.

If these ideas intrigue you, watch this short video to get a better sense of how it works.